About Us

About Us

We have a passion for homemade fermented foods. After experiencing firsthand the extraordinary quality of our own homemade products, we were compelled to open Know-How Brews & Foods. We initially offered homebrew supplies and DIY foods, but discovered a niche of our own with Eugurt, which is positioned to revolutionize homemade probiotics. It was the success of selling a non-dairy starter culture, and subsequently seeing the utter failure of commercial nut milks to ferment into a viable yogurt, that Eugurt was borne. We took great pride in developing the highest quality and most flexible nondairy yogurt alternative while minimizing ingredients and providing the utmost in nutrition. This brought us to the marriage of high quality fermented plant protein, prebiotic fiber, and MCT-rich coconut oil.

Our company is family-owned and based on the belief that small businesses can outshine their over-sized competitors by providing top-quality products and putting people first.

We partner with local companies, other small businesses, and yourselves to bring you premium and custom products of extraordinary quality - a fact in which we take great pride.

What's Distributism?

We have a vision of a different world for our children. We agree with G. K. Chesterton that the problem with capitalism is not that there are too many capitalists, but too few. If you and I and every other family had their own means of support, things would be quite different. Let's face it-- our economic life is controlled by our employers, large corporations, and the government. Most of us don't even really own our own homes, much less any kind of productive property. We think most people, given a real choice, would rather work for themselves than someone else. We believe that the best safeguard against poverty and injustice is for ordinary folks to be property owners, to have a real means of creating their own wealth. Distributism is an economic system that aims to make this happen by encouraging as many people as possible to be property owners.  Ultimately, this vision is why we started our business.  We want to be more self-sufficient, and, through the products we provide, help others to do the same.  We are also spreading the word about distributism and doing our part to change the economy by trying to shop local and small. We invite you to join us.