Eugurt Single - 6 servings (dairy-free and soy-free)

Eugurt Single - 6 servings (dairy-free and soy-free)

Plant-Protein-Based Natural-Process Yogurt - This Is Eugurt!

Makes 1 qt. when following use recommendations. 

Dairy and Soy-Free - made with faba bean protein.

Each portion is enough to make 6 singles of eugurt (~5.3 oz).  Perfect for a small batch and for use with a yogurt-maker.  You will be able to use ordinary household utensils and equipment. Recipe is included with purchase and also available for download (here).  

Small batches are also perfect to test out your favorite sweeteners, amounts, and mix-ins.  So have some fun!  Like it sweet?  Use more.  Like it mildly sweet?  Use less.  Try it with table sugar, turbinado, sucanat, rapadura, organic sugars, maple syrup, or anything else you might like.

Ingredients: faba bean protein, coconut cream powder, rice starch, chicory root fiber, monk fruit extract (plus natural flavors if selected)

(NO STARTER CULTURE INCLUDED -  culture from 1 tbsp of existing yogurt or eugurt or a packet from Know-How Foods

Allergens: coconut.

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