Eugurt FAQs

Eugurt Sugar Substitution Info

If you're using a sugar alternative, such as a sugar alcohol, it is a good idea to add a teaspoon of table sugar, organic sugar, coconut sugar, or other glucose-based sugar in order to help the probiotics overcome the mild antimicrobial effect these sweeteners can exhibit. 

Click here to download a spreadsheet on sweetener usage of different sugars/sweeteners and our recommended usages.  Note: we are continuing to update the information on this list as we continue testing.  Please give us feedback and be assured we will honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Rusty - owner, Know-How Foods

Eugurt Nutrition Facts (click):

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  • What is Eugurt?
  • What makes Eugurt different?
  • Subculture with Pro and Save, okay, but what is subculturing and how do you do it?  Click to learn the details.
  • I know what probiotics are... but what are prebiotics?
  • What are the ingredients in Eugurt?
  • Is fermented soy better than regular soy?
  • I'm very discerning in what I eat, do you have documentation on your ingredients?

Q: What is Eugurt?

  • Eugurt is a specially made blend of powder ingredients brought together for the home food do-it-yourselfer to make the most realistic dairy-free yogurt anywhere. 

Q: What makes Eugurt different?

  • Minimal ingredients - "Just the facts, maam."
  • Flexible - you choose the sugar source (probiotic food) and acid level (length of culturing)
  • Sustainable - plant-based and renewable
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No gums or carrageenan

Q: I know what probiotics are... but what are prebiotics?

  • Very simply, prebiotics are food for probiotic microorganisms.  Prebiotics are dietary fibers that are not digested (or minimally digested) in humans and, once reaching the colon, provide a food source for the probiotic microorganisms.  In this way, they help to establish and promote a thriving probiotic community in the gut.  

Q: What are the ingredients in Eugurt?

  • Ingredients: soy protein isolate, coconut cream powder, digestion resistant maltodextrin (soluble prebiotic dietary fiber), rice starch, and in flavored versions, natural  or natural and artificial flavor (depending on statement)

Q: Is fermented soy better than regular soy?

  • Eugurt is a fermented soy food.
  • There is some disagreement in the scientific community concerning the health benefits or detriments with consuming soy products - but the argument does not extend to fermented soy foods, such as Eugurt.  In fact, fermented soy foods appear to enjoy universal acclaim.
  • Eugurt is a probiotic food - it is not a supplement.  There is 6g of fermented soy protein per portion.
  • We selected our ingredients with the utmost care.  All ingredients are non-GMO, Vegan, and we attempted to be as "clean" label and minimal as possible, while still maintaining the quality of this unique product.

Q: I'm very discerning in what I eat, do you have documentation on your ingredients?

  • Yes, we strive to be completely transparent in all we do and, this has certainly been the case in our choosing of our ingredients.  Documents and/or statements for Vegan, non-GMO status, etc. can be provided.  If you have other requests, we will contact our suppliers to see if the information can be provided.  Just email